Friday, October 4, 2013

Have you ever stopped by Sipsey Street Irregulars blog spot to read what Mike Vanderboegh  has to say?
Mr. Vanderboegh is a very outspoken former communist.  What?  Yep.  Today he writes about the collectivists that are trying to make our lives miserable. 
He once had an informant working for him behind the enemy lines (and probably still does), but he was outed not too long ago.  Ramsey Bear was able to make his escape. 
Mr. Vanderboegh, along with David Codrea ( and as well as others) were the impetus behind congress investigating the death of Brian Terry and Fast and Furious, the gun running operation of the BATFE.
Mr. Vanderboegh is the alleged leader of the Three Percenters.  The Three Percenters name is based upon the idea that only about three percent of the colonists were active in the fight against the British during the War of Independence.  Today Mr. Vanderboegh believes that the same three percent of the American population would stand up against our government in any attempt to take away our liberties.  Out of a population of about 315 million that would be about nine and a half million armed Americans.  I hope he's right.
Mr. Vanderboegh is in the process of writing a novel called Absolved.  The title refers back to an action taken by our government to target the leaders of another country.  In his opinion this absolves anyone of doing the same to our own politicians in the event of an attempt to make war on the citizens of the U.S.
Mr. Vanderboegh links to and writes comments about many articles that he finds or that are sent to him.
I've read his blog for several years and find him informative and thought provoking.
I suggest making time to read his blog.

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