Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm a utilitarian in the sense that I want to make things that I possess work for me in more than one way. 
The computer that I'm currently on makes it possible to communicate with others more quickly.  I can load programs that allow me to keep track of my finances, or design a house or purchase goods and services from a wider variety of sources.  I can search for employment if needed or hire an employee if circumstances allow.
When I purchase an item I think of the possible uses to which it can be put.  Each item has its' own specific purpose, but what else can I do with it.  Particularly, can I create a stream of income so that the item pays for itself and then provides me with additional value. 
With the economy getting worse and jobs becoming more difficult to find it behooves each of us to make everything that we own work for us. 

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